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New York Native, 1 June 1987, featuring a cover story on AZT by John Lauritsen

Poison by Prescription: The AZT Story (ISBN 0943742064) is a 1990 book by John Lauritsen.

In this book, Lauritsen documents the fraud committed in the original Phase II trials of AZT in 1987. He also discusses inconsistencies and poor quality research surrounding "AIDS" epidemiology, (which Lauritsen describes as "falling far short of the standards of professional survey research") and the campaign to give AZT to healthy people (which Lauritsen terms "iatrogenic genocide"). Excerpts from two interviews with Peter Duesberg, in 1987 and 1990, are also included.


  1. Poison by Prescription: The AZT Story (1990)
  2. AZT on Trial (1987)
  3. The Epidemiology of Fear (1988)
  4. On the AZT Front: Part 1 (1989)
  5. On the AZT Front: Part 2 (1989)
  6. AZT and Cancer (1989)
  7. Burroughs Wellcome Issues Advisory (1989)
  8. U.S. Cuts AZT Does in Half (1990)
  9. AZT for Healthy People (1990)
  10. A "State of the Art" AZT Conference (1990)
  11. An Interview with Peter Duesberg (1987)
  12. Kangaroo Court Etiology (1988)
  13. Interview with Peter Duesberg (1990)
  14. Incompetence in AIDS Epidemiology (1988)
  • Appendix
  • Index


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  • "Tens of thousands of people are now taking a deadly drug which was approved by the United Stated government on the basis of fraudulent research. That drug is AZT, also known as Retrovir and zidovudine. It is the only federally approved drug for the treatement of "AIDS" (a poorly defined construct now encompassing more than two dozen old diseases)... The most toxic drug ever approved or even considered for long-term use, AZT in now being indiscriminately prescribed on a mass scale." (from "Poison by Prescription: The AZT Story")
  • "The Columbia conference was an uncomfortable experience for me. I don't like having security guards called on me because someone is afraid of my presence: that I might say something out of place or write an article for the New York Native. I don't like showcase conferences devoted to creating delusions so fragile that they would be shattered by free and open discussion. This is totalitarianism." (from "On the AZT Front: Part 1")
  • "The major bombshell of the conference was detonated by John D. Hamilton, a soft-spoken gentleman who is Professor of Medicine at Duke University... Whether looking at survival, clinical benefits, quality of life, or any other measure, there was no evidence that AZT had benefits of any kind... This was the last thing the Burroughs Wellcome Mob wanted to hear... Several times as Hamilton was speaking, Margaret Fischl, whether from nervousness or boorishness, went into episodes of snickering. This may be her mode of refutation. Over two years ago, when I asked her if she had read Peter Duesberg's article in Cancer Research refuting the HIV hypothesis, she responded by snickering." (from "A 'State of the Art' AZT Conference")


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