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Neville Hodgkinson

Neville Hodgkinson is a British journalist. He began reporting on AIDS in the mid-1980s as medical correspondent of the Sunday Times of London. Between 1992 and 1994, as the science correspondent of the Times, he wrote a series of highly controversial questioning reports about HIV and AIDS. His book AIDS: The Failure of Contemporary Science was published in 1996 by Fourth Estate. He has continued writing outspoken articles on AIDS dissent for publications including Continuum, New African, Mothering magazine, The Journal of Scientific Exploration, and The Business Online.


  • "A kind of collective insanity over HIV and AIDS has gripped leaders of the scientific and medical professions. They have stopped behaving as scientists, and instead are working as propagandists, trying desperately to keep alive a failed theory." (Hodgkinson 1994)
  • "Nature is the bible of the church of science, and its editor, John Maddox, is the high priest. He has persistently refused to publish letters and articles from doctors and scientists who question the HIV theory of AIDS, and its corollary that heterosexuals around the world are at risk from a new infectious agent. To him, the theory is fact.... Maddox himself now admits that the failure to discover beyond doubt the causation of AIDS 'has been a profound disappointment to the research community', and that 'the mechanism of the pathogenesis [how it causes illness] of the disease has not yet been uncovered'. He concedes that 10 years after the virus's discovery 'the evidence that it causes AIDS is still epidemiological'." (Hodgkinson 1993)
  • "I became the first journalist I know of to have a press award scheme founded in his dishonour, after I had spent weeks in central Africa and reported evidence that the 'AIDS epidemic' there was largely an illusion, stemming from several major African killer diseases having been mistakenly redefined as AIDS.... At one time AIDS specialists branded me a danger to public health and began a concerted campaign, through Nature magazine, to stop me doing any more work on these lines.... An abusive article appeared in the London Observer...headlined 'Sunday Times Science Editor Awaits Flat Earth', with a secondary heading 'Neville Hodgkinson's two masters'. It accused me of being a member of a 'bizarre religious cult' preaching the imminent arrival of a flat earth, and of worshipping a naked, hairy man with snakes around his neck whom I had never seen.... The newspaper later published an apology and correction." (Hodgkinson 2000)

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Collage of Sunday Times articles on AIDS between 1992 and 1994




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