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Liam Scheff

Liam Scheff is an American independent writer and journalist on politics, history, race, class, and culture. He maintains a website at

In January 2004, Scheff published "The House AIDS Built" at This investigation of pediatric HIV drug trials being conducted at Incarnation Children's Center was picked up in early 2004, with coverage in the New York Post and the New York Press. It served as the basis of investigation for the BBC film "Guinea Pig Kids".


By Scheff

  • "AIDS is a brand name." (Anderson 2006)
  • "We must ask ourselves, are we doing the best we can for sick people? Is the best we can offer impoverished Africans AZT and Nevirapine? Is the best we can do for drug-addicted mothers is force more drugs into their system? And what about people unlucky enough to register HIV positive on these scientifically unvalidated tests. Do they deserve to be told that they have a fatal illness?" (Scheff 2003)

About Scheff

  • "Scheff is a throwback to another era – a free-thinking, maverick reporter who’s made his name taking on one of the biggest industries in the world – Big Pharma. Think a New Age Carl Bernstein." — Anthony Lappé, Executive Editor of the Guerrilla News Network (Scheff 2004)

Documents and external links


Incarnation Children's Center




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