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From "The Incarnation Children's Center Tapes", by Liam Scheff:

"In May 2003, I began an investigation of the Incarnation Children's Center (ICC), an orphanage in New York City's Washington Heights that was being used by government (N.I.H.) and pharmaceutical companies as a test center for the standard AIDS drugs AZT and its analogues, Nevirapine, and the various protease inhibitors. ICC received funding from both government and corporate sponsors to enroll its wards, primarily abandoned children of drug (crack cocaine and heroin) abusers, in NIH clinical trials (1).

"What follows are five excerpts from my October 2003 interview with ICC's medical director Dr. Katherine Painter. In the interview, Dr. Painter provides information about:

  1. Who gets into ICC and why.
  2. The backdoor through which ICC's wards were used in government/pharma-sponsored Clinical Trials.
  3. The measures taken to enforce "adherence" to the drug regimen.
  4. And a hint of the toxicity of the drugs (ie. their ability to "suppress" bone marrow and cause anemia)."

(21 minutes)

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