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AIDS Acquired by Drug Consumption and Other Noncontagious Risk Factors
Pharmacology & Therapeutics 55: 201–277, 1992
by Peter Duesberg

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Dedicated to:

  1. all intravenous drug users, oral users of recreational drugs and AZT recipients who were never told that drugs cause AIDS diseases;

  2. all “antibody-positives” who were never told that the virus-AIDS hypothesis is unproven.

I thank Janie Stone (Berkeley) for numerous corrections of the manuscript, David Shugar (Associate Editor of Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Warsaw, Poland) for his courage to take up the AIDS controversy and for playing the devil’s advocate of HIV, Annette Gwardyak (Managing Editor) for accommodating many “final” revisions, Hansueli Albonico (Langrau, Switzerland), Harvey Bialy (New York), Julie Castiglia (San Diego), Robert Cramer (Montlhery/Paris), Bryan Ellison (Berkeley), Celia Farber (New York), Harry Haverkos (Rockville, Maryland), Robert Hoffman (San Diego), Geoff Hoffmann (Vancouver, Canada), Phillip E. Johnson (Berkeley), Bill Jordan (Los Angeles), John Lauritsen (New York), Nathaniel Lehrman (New York), Anthony Liversidge (New York), Claus Pierach (Minneapolis), Paul Rabinow (Berkeley), Robert Root-Bernstein (East Lansing, Michigan), Harry Rubin (Berkeley), Frank Rothschild (Berkeley), Russell Schoch (Berkeley), Craig Schoonmaker (New York), Jody Schwartz (Berkeley), Joan Shenton (London), Gordon Stewart (Bristol, U.K.), Richard Strohman (Berkeley), Charles Thomas, Jr (San Diego), Fritz Ulmer (Wuppertal, Germany), Michael Verney-Elliott (London), Warren Winkelstein (Berkeley) and Yue Wu (Berkeley) for critical and catalytic information, Gedge Rosson (Berkeley) for Fig. 1, Brian Davis for fact-checking and typing, Osias Stutman for suggesting the Lewis Carroll quotation, Ted Gardner (Santa Barbara) for a generous donation and encouragement, and the librarians of UC Berkeley, particularly Chris Campbell, Ingrid Radkey, Pat Stewart and Norma Kobzina, for AIDS references that were not even cited in the daily American newspapers.

I am still supported by Outstanding Investigator Grant 5-R35-CA39915–07 from the National Cancer Institute.

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