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David Rasnick

David Rasnick is a biochemist who has worked professionally designing protease inhibitors, the class of substances comprising many of the antiretroviral drugs.


  • "The HIV cult has transported AIDS beyond the domain of science and medicine, and into the realm of mythology. The discourse is controlled by powerful individuals and institutions with a professional or financial stake in HIV, who take it upon themselves to be the sole purveyors of 'truth.' Government institutions have compounded the difficulty of arriving at a true understanding of AIDS by doing everything in their power to suppress the views of scientists who disagree with established opinions." (Rasnick 1997)
  • "Uncovering Watergate now seems trivial compared to what it will take to expose the decade of fraud, incompetence, and flagrant lying that has been going on behind a veil of scientific and medical jargon, credentials, and expertise." (Rasnick 1997)
  • "Cytochrome p450 is a whole family of liver enzymes that are involved in detoxifying drugs. They actually get rid of anything that's ingested in the body that the liver is not happy with by oxidizing them and making these water-insoluble molecules very water-soluble. Then, once they're water-soluble, they dissolve and can be eliminated in the urine. The liver does that on almost every kind of molecule you can imagine. There are some molecules that are resistant to the liver's enzyme, but the liver is a better chemist than any human chemist around. Unfortunately, some of these HIV protease inhibitors interfere with the ability of these enzymes to do their job. You can picture what happens from there. When you have all of these drugs that your liver is normally trying to eliminate from the body, and then it can't eliminate them, the concentrations are going to build up. Then you will start seeing toxic effects even at doses that would ordinarily be perfectly safe, because the liver cannot eliminate it anymore. This is particularly dangerous for AIDS patients because they are often taking almost a whole drugstore's worth of pills every day. It's not a trivial issue." (Conlan 1998)

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