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Christine Maggiore

Christine Maggiore is the founder of Alive and Well.

In 1992 Christine Maggiore took an "AIDS test" as part of a regular physical. The "positive" results changed her life and she was soon an AIDS activist with AIDS Project Los Angeles and Women At Risk. A year into her diagnosis a new doctor tested her again with contradictory results: a positive, then negative and then a positive. This lead her to search the scientific literature in order to explain for herself the results. The search took outside the confines of orthodox thought, and challenged her to question everything she had been taught and was teaching as an AIDS educator.

Maggiore founded Alive & Well in 1995 to share the facts which the mainstream censors. A year later she wrote What If Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong? Now a key text in the dissident library it has had four printings and been translated into four languages.

In 1996 she also met her future partner Robin Scovill, and father of her two children. Scovill directed the documentary The Other Side of AIDS (2004) which features Maggiore. Tragedy struck the family in 2005 when their 3.5 year old daughter Eliza Jane died of a reaction to antibiotics. Her daughter's death was used to attack Maggiore and her ideas, most pointedly by the Los Angeles Times.

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