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  • 12 May 2006 "The Completely Other Side of AIDS" — by Harvey Bialy at; "The evidence that the African origin of AIDS (as well as a sexually transmitted epidemic of immunodeficiency) is stuff and nonsense is abundant, and easily available – through the links on the AIDS Wiki homepage for example."
  • 14 June 2006 "Serge Lang: The Memorial HIV/AIDS Archive" — by Darin Brown at; "During the last twelve years of his life, Lang developed an energetic and passionate crusade against irrational and illogical thinking in connection with HIV and AIDS... He developed a collection of 'files' on HIV and AIDS, many of which are now maintained at an archive at the AIDS Wiki."
  • 21 June 2006 "Who Are the Real AIDS Denialists — Testing the 'Moore Assertion'" — by Darin Brown at; "A very interesting and instructive exchange between myself, Harvey Bialy and the New York Times-celebrated Op. Ed. author Prof. John P. Moore, self-appointed 'Major General in the War on AIDS' and spokesperson for 'The Scientific Community,' recently appeared on the AIDS Wiki."
  • 23 June 2006 "Will Nature, Science Allow Aids Discussion?" — by Sepp Hasslberger; "Darin Brown, initiator of the Aids Wiki, is asking a very interesting question: Why is it that scientific media refuse to allow discussion of the different scientific views that exist on the etiology and the best treatment modes of Aids?"


  • 3 May 2006 "Medical wiki revisited" — Respectful Insolence ("Orac"); "It turns out that there is an AIDS Wiki. But it's not a mainstream AIDS wiki. Oh, no. It's an HIV/AIDS dissident wikipedia designed to highlight the views of Harvey Bialy, Celia Farber, and other HIV/AIDS 'skeptics' who do not accept the science indicating that the human immunodeficiency virus causes AIDS."
  • 17 June 2006 "Accurate AIDS Wiki solves overlooked problem of Mega Wiki" — New AIDS Review; "To escape this misleading bias the critics of HIV?AIDS science have initiated a Wiki of their own, under the helmsmanship of the founder of this ingenious initiative, the mathematician Darin Brown. Those incapable of independent thought on the topic are kept out of the writing and editing process, since Brown and Frank Lusardi, the notoriously tough minded and professional Web site creator and administrator who is hosting the AIDS Wiki, are vetting who gets to gain entry to its hallowed grounds."
  • 26 October 2006 "Lee Evans on Turning a 'Positive Test' into Something Positive" — Hank's "You Bet Your Life"; "Even a few positive mother-child pairs will be enough to make the scientific community stand up and pay attention, and stop the media lap-dogs from broadcasting racist lies, and encouraging genocide against people of color all over the world... You can help by contacting the AIDS wikimaster... This campaign has been ongoing at the AIDS Wiki since early September..." (see Mom Is Positive Too Campaign for more details)
  • 27 March 2007 "Medical wikis: the future of medicine?" — Bertalan Meskó ("Science Roll"); "I still believe that these medical wikis will play an important role in medical education. But they have to improve a lot of things (number of contributors, guidelines, layout). Let’s take a look at the active medical wikis... AIDS wiki."
  • 14 May 2007 "Who are the denialists? (Part I)" — Mark and Chris Hoofnagle ("Denialism blog"); "Who in this day and age can continue to promote such a thoroughly absurd idea that HIV doesn't cause AIDS, and worse yet, actively discourage those infected with the virus from pursuing treatments that have been proven to extend life? I'll tell you who. The denialists.... We watch and track those who continue to promote HIV/AIDS denialism. The major players in this particularly despicable field of denialism include:...Reviewing AIDS, the AIDS denialist wiki."



  • June 2006 ""Mainstream and Dissident Views on HIV/AIDS" — Townsend Letter – the Examiner of Alternative Medicine; "The AIDS Wiki bills itself as 'a community gathering place for AIDS dissidents to assist and foster activism.' I can't pick a favorite among these sites; they're all interesting and informative."