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John Lauritsen

John Lauritsen (born 1939) is an American market research analyst, publisher, author, and gay activist. Since the mid-1980s, he has worked as an investigative journalist, exposing flaws in the HIV/AIDS hypothesis, fraud in the studies used to approve AZT, and the political machinations of the HIV industry. He is an "AIDS realist" who brings his experience of gay liberation into the present, and never shirks from calling AIDS the iatrogenocide which it became with the use of AZT monotherapy.


Lauritsen was born and raised in Nebraska and graduated from Harvard in 1963. He established a career as a market research executive and analyst in 1966. He was an activist and scholar in the early years of the gay liberation movement, joining the Gay Liberation Front in 1969 and editing Come Out! In 1974, he joined the Gay Activists' Alliance and served as Delegate-At-Large. In the same year, he joined the Gay Academic Union, of which he later became a National Director. He was a member of the Columbia University Seminar on Homosexualities.

Lauritsen's first book, co-authored with David Thorstad was The Early Homosexual Rights Movement (1864-1935). Continuously in print since 1974, this pioneering work uncovered the history of the gay movement of the 19th and the early 20th century.

Lauritsen's entrance to a career as an "AIDS realist" was the critique of Dr. Joseph Sonnabend, which led Lauritsen in 1983 to review the existing literature on AIDS. Soon afterward, he read an article by gay activist Hank Wilson in San Francisco who had warned of the toxic effects of the nitrite inhalant drugs ("poppers"). He and Wilson published the pamphlet Death Rush, a comprehensive review of the scientific literature on poppers available at the time, and they were crucial to the push to have Congress outlaw poppers a few years later.

In February 1985, Lauritsen published his first story on AIDS in the Philadelphia Gay News, drawing attention to how the CDC had hidden the link between AIDS and poppers. He found himself quickly limited to publishing in a small subset of the gay press, as much of this press was heavily supported by poppers advertising. Between 1985 and 1996, the New York Native published over 50 of his articles. In 1987 he read Peter Duesberg's critique of the HIV/AIDS hypothesis in Cancer Research and soon became the first journalist to interview Duesberg. Lauritsen made use of the Freedom on Information Act to expose the fraudulent drug trials on which AZT was approved. This research led to the self-published book Poison by Prescription: The AZT Story.

In 1993, Lauritsen self-published The AIDS War, chronicling his HIV dissent from 1985-1993. The title emphasizes a metaphor employed by Lauritsen throughout the book. In 1997, he co-edited The AIDS Cult with Ian Young. This collection of articles and essays focuses on sociopsychological aspects of AIDS, and especially condemns the psychological aspects of AIDS education which equate sex and an HIV diagnosis with death.

Laurtisen has also written A Freethinker's Primer of Male Love (1998), “a celebration and defence of male love from a secular humanist perspective”, and The Man Who Wrote Frankenstein (2007), which argues that Frankenstein is an underrated and misinterpreted work, that its real author is Percy Bysshe Shelley, not his second wife, the former Mary Godwin, and that male love is its dominant theme.

Lauritsen's articles have appeared in publications as diverse as Gay Books Bulletin, Gay Times (London), Civil Liberties Review, The Freethinker (London), Journal of Homosexuality, Christopher Street, Bio/Technology, and The Lancet. His writings have been translated into German, Italian, French, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian. He was on the Editorial Boards of Reappraising AIDS (La Jolla, California) and Continuum (London).


  • "The truth does not always lie between two extremes. Sometimes one side is entirely (and monstrously) wrong, as is AIDS orthodoxy." (Lauritsen 1997a)
  • "The Phase II trials remain the single most important test of AZT: they were the main basis for the drug's approval by the FDA; they are still cited as proving that AZT 'extends life'; they were one of the 'historical controls' upon which approval of ddI was based – and they were fraudulent. Fraud in drug testing may be common but it should not be tolerated." (Lauritsen 1992)
  • "It is odd, the power of words to cloud reality or discredit a line of reasoning. A British journalist once told me that no one would ever believe what I wrote if I persisted in using words like 'genocide'. My response is that, while I want my arguments to be convincing, I write what I consider to be true, not necessarily what people will find believable. Genocide has occurred at other times and in other places, and it is happening here and now, whether or not anyone wishes to believe it." (Lauritsen 1991)
  • "The 'AIDS epidemic' is, among other things, an epidemic of information overload. AIDS technobabble is dumped on us every day by the media: T-cell ratios, CD4 receptors, DNA, RNA, latency periods, tat genes, ELISA test, Western blot test, p24 antigen test, polymerase chain reaction test, angiogenesis, nucleoside analogues, AZT, ddI, ddC, d4T, macrophages, lentiviruses, reverse transcriptase, apoptosis, and all the rest of it. Over 60,000 papers on 'AIDS' have been published to date – untold millions of words. Nearly all are the intellectual equivalent of toxic waste, which is to say, both useless and dangerous." (Lauritsen 1993a)
  • "Profits of the AIDS Industry run into billions of dollars every year. This is where the money is. People with meager qualifications have become rich as 'AIDS experts', heads of AIDS organizations, or 'treatment activists'. But there are no financial rewards for attacking the sacred AIDS cash cow. Speaking for myself, I have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in income, and my financial future is uncertain; I make a lot less now, as a full-time politically incorrect writer, than I did as a highly paid market research executive." (Lauritsen 2000)
  • "My message to current and coming generations of gay men is to love themselves, to be healthy and happy. This means detoxifying mind and body – not only avoiding pharmaceutical and 'recreational' poisons, but also rejecting and combating cultural and theological poisons. Self-acceptance comes from grasping the truth – that male love is good – that the condemnation of male love is due to a rotten, 2500 year-old taboo, perpetuated by the Jewish and Christian religions. The happiness of gay men, and of all humanity, lies in science and humanist philosophy, not superstition." (HEAL 1998)
  • "Future historians will have to grapple with the question of how the US Public Health Service and the medical establishments of the entire world could have gone so disastrously wrong. How could people of the late 20th century ever have believed anything so manifestly preposterous as the now-prevailing AIDS myths?" (Lauritsen 1997b)
  • "The Crimes Against Humanity committed in the AIDS War rank with any in history. It takes awhile for the enormity of the situation to sink in: that at this very moment, a quarter of a million people are being murdered by nucleoside analogue therapy.... There are those in the AIDS Establishment who know exactly what they are doing, and are profiting thereby. If there were justice in the world, the AIDS-criminals would be brought to justice, given fair trials, and executed.... The important thing now is to get out the truth. We must save lives, stop the squandering of our national resources, and rescue the good name of Science." (Lauritsen 1993b)

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