Hiram Caton

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Hiram Caton

Hiram Caton is an Australian ethicist. He is currently Head of the School of Applied Ethics at Griffith University and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Biology.

Caton wrote The AIDS Mirage in 1994, a book in which he charged Donald Francis with "inventing a viral epidemic" in 1982 at the Centers for Disease Control.


  • "The experience of AIDS medicine tends to confirm that the origin of human suffering is anxiety of death. Its vision of calamity was not confected from the morbid anxieties of those sick to death, nor from the depths of extreme pain, but sprang from the minds of well medical scientists. The vision of mass death expresses, I have argued, the trauma of a profession that has assumed responsibilities beyond its capacity to deliver.... But we can retrace our steps, scale down our expectations of medicine, and travel the alternative path on which suffering is transfigured by its meaning. In the case of AIDS, retracing the steps places the burden of suffering on the medical profession's recognition that a phantom epidemic symbolises its misconception of the aims of medicine." — The AIDS Mirage


The AIDS Mirage (1994/rev. 1995)

  1. Why We Need AIDS
  2. A Virus Invades The Mind
  3. The Swine Flu Epidemic: Strong Cure No Disease
  4. Donald Francis Invents a Viral Epidemic
  5. AIDS Mania
  6. Junk Science Goes Belly Up
  7. Medicine and Human Suffering