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Elizabeth Ely

Elizabeth Ely is a freelance writer and public speaker based in New York City. She is working on a book about the religious nature of AIDS-think.


  • "By now I’ve figured out that AIDS researchers create their own reality... People trying to save us from the Virus That Is Eating the Whole World don’t brake for method. The numbers are just formalities before heading straight into ritualistic abuse." (Ely 2006)
  • "Why the fear of the mother? Why is blood scary?... Because, Girard writes, blood reminds us of violence. It is a bad omen. Not to discount all the bad-mommy fears and poisonings, which really do show up in AIDS metaphors and the fighting of this 'war,' but violence is that oozing red stuff, sexually transmitted when the sexual order breaks down. Is it a coincidence that the recent '(RED)' ad campaign to raise awareness about AIDS in Africa uses that color? Or that AIDS looped ribbons are red? Red is the color of taboo. It signifies contamination, contagious violence. It reveals a fantasy of poison blood and semen. A fear of women and their favorite body part, an abyss of pleasures and horrors." (Ely 2007)



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