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Darin Brown

Darin C. Brown is an American mathematician. He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2004. His research interests lie in algebraic number theory and Fuchsian groups. (See weeks 213, 215, 216, and 218 of John Baez's column.)


Brown became interested in the HIV debate after stumbling upon a copy of Deadly Deception in the bargain bin at a Border's bookstore in Eugene, Oregon in 1996. After several months of research and discussion, and especially after reading Mark Craddock's criticisms of the 1995 Ho/Shaw papers in Nature and many "files" sent to him by Serge Lang (many of which can now be found in the Serge Lang Memorial HIV/AIDS Archive), Brown became convinced that the HIV/AIDS hypothesis did not "add up" and that political and social pressures were preventing a true understanding of AIDS.

In November 2005, Brown created a dissident wiki at Wikicities. The following January, he was contacted by Frank Lusardi, a New York computer programmer who was also interested in setting up such a wiki. Their collaboration resulted in the AIDS Wiki.

Brown is the curator of the Serge Lang Memorial HIV/AIDS Archive, which was uploaded in June 2006. He also prepared a newly-rendered version of Peter Duesberg's 1992 Pharmacology & Therapeutics monograph in the spring of 2007.


  • "These guys seem to have forgotten they are accountable to (a) the taxpayers who support them, and (b) the patients who are coerced into taking their drugs based on assumptions that after 10 years they admit are wrong. They are not above accountability just because they are scientists. They are using our money and our bodies. No group should be able to get away with this. But because of our society's mass worship of the new 'scientist priest', and the belief that they are morally superior to other human beings, they can wiggle their collective finger and everyone dances to their tune, no matter how off key, or tired." (Brown 2006a)
  • "What is constantly forgotten (and this is so important) is that 'AIDS' was from the beginning an epidemiological surveillance tool, not a positive gestalt diagnosis. Only when HIV entered the scene did the diagnostic tool magically transform into a presumed disease with a single cause. Now, this would have been perfectly acceptable, provided there was some reasonable biological justification for transforming the epidemiological surveillance tool into a gestalt diagnosis. But such justification has never been coming. Gallo and Montagnier never provided it. Virologists have been struggling and struggling for 20 years to provide such justification. And no one has provided it since... The epidemiology is supposedly used to justify the biological 'quest' for how HIV kills T cells or causes 'AIDS', yet at the same time, the epidemiology requires some kind of biological justification to move itself from beyond the realm of epidemiological surveillance tool and into the realm of gestalt diagnosis. The biology is supposed to justify the epidemiology, yet at the same time, the epidemiology is supposed to justify the biology. Another example of the ubiquitous circular logic of 'AIDS science'. Caveat emptor." (Translator 2006)
  • "It finally hit me – for these people [HIV protagonists], there is no distinction between a consensus and its veracity. They are one and the same. Merely to acknowledge the distinction between a consensus and its veracity is forbidden, is beyond the boundaries of acceptable thought. Consensus is reality. There is no distinction between reality and created reality. It is all the same house of mirrors, the convex and concave distortions of reality replacing reality itself." (Brown 2006b)

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